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About A.B. Mekatek Inc.

A.B. Mekatek is a company that primarily handles the design and manufacturing of punches dies and tooling for international industries.


Since its founding in 1981 by Joseph Bonanno, A.B. Mekatek has become a major player in the design and manufacture of tools and dies.


A.B. Mekatek sets up its first CNC machine and from that point on, can manufacture all its fully interchangeable tooling components. Soon afterward, the company acquires a second CNC machine and expands its production area, from 7 500 ft2 to 10 600 ft2.


Michel Shank, who has been with the company since its inception, becomes a shareholder. He takes on the role of Vice President at the company.

In a modern and safe environment, a team of over 50 employees now works in two shifts.

Ever evolving, the company continually invests in new, cutting edge equipment and in 2001 it further expands its manufacturing area from 10 600 ft2 to 15 500 ft2.


A.B. Mekatek begins to export its products to many US states.


Two numerically controlled milling machines and a CNC lathe are purchased and installed in the plant.


The business breaks into the Mexican market, which leads to other investments and expansions that accommodate the increased production.


A.B. Mekatek adds a 550-ton test press to its wide range of machinery. The acquisition of a new section of the building allows us to install the press and also to increase, once again, the size of the plant.


A.B. Mekatek renovates and standardizes the premises. In addition, the facade of the building is redone to fit the company’s image.


A new electrical discharge machine is purchased and installed in our EDM department. Furthermore, the acquisition of a Feeder for the 550-ton press increases the automation and precision of our production tests.


The company acquires two new numerical control milling machines, resulting in a total of seven CNC machines.

Today, A.B. Mekatek operates on 25 000 ft2 and does business with clients from Mexico and across North America. In short, by taking a look at our list of machinery you will find that the company is able to handle both small and large tooling projects.

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