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Die design and manufacturing

Are you looking to produce a tool that meets a specific need?
We design dies in order to produce custom tools.

A.B. Mekatek specializes in the manufacture of punches and dies. We perform precision, custom work according to your requirements.

We have the expertise and equipment required to manufacture a wide variety of punches and dies, for both simple and complex pieces. Components are manufactured in-house, which ensures control and data confidentiality.

In our inspection room, using the Polyworks software and our Faro arm, we validate that the parts produced by the dies we create respect the specifications provided by the customer.

With the experience of our design and manufacturing team, you will obtain results that meet your expectations. We use Solidworks and Logopress as our design software. We validate our designs with FTI’s Forming Suite software, a sheet metal forming simulation software. 3D simulation makes it possible, for example, to prevent certain unexpected behaviors of a complex part and thereby reduce the production cost of the tool.

Maintenance and Repair

Our qualified staff and expertise enable us to provide high quality, fast service.

A.B. Mekatek also provides a prompt maintenance, repair and die modification service to avoid costly extended production shutdowns.

Our team of experts allow us to carry out quick maintenance and repair of your tools, in order to avoid costly downtime.

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