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Design of custom parts

Using our expertise, we are able to design the parts that you need. A.B. Mekatek is the solution for you. The manufacture of punches and dies, according to your requirements, to obtain a specialized and unique product.

For an optimal solution that suits your production lines, we study your project carefully. This allows us to design and manufacture custom templates that will meet your needs.

With the experience of our design and manufacturing team, you will obtain results that meet your expectations. We use Solidworks and Logopress3 as our design software.


We also provide a digital simulation service for sheet metal forming. By ensuring the feasibility of the design for your parts, our design team can then put forth some improvements on the design principles of your product. For example, 3D simulation can prevent certain unexpected behaviors in a complex unit, thereby reducing the production cost of the die. Lastly, our simulations are made with the Forming Suite FTI software.

A few of our products

Here are some of the latest pieces manufactured by A.B. Mekatek

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